Sakana no Gakkou

【Opening Hours】 10:00-17:00(However,admission closes at 16:30)
【Days Closed】 Wednesday(If it coincides with a national holday,the next day)
The Year-End(28th Dec.-31st Dec.)
【Admission fee】 Free
【Location】 〒655-0036 12-4 Kaigan Dori,Tarumi-ku,Kobe City,Hyogo
Tel:(078)706-5550 Fax(078)706-5636

Purpose of the facility

Sakana no gakkou is a Fisheries Experience Pavilion Built in Marine Pia Kobe.
The purpase of this project is to introduce fisheries centered on Kobe to a wide
renge of people,and to deepen their familiarity and understanding of fisheries.

Hands-on learning

"Salt making experience"to make old-fashioned delicious salt by boiling down
saly-rich seawater in an earthen pot,You can use fresh seaweed harverted from
to create dried seaweesd by hand(winter only).(Charged)

Transportation Access

Transportation Access

〇From Sannomiya and Osaka
About 15 minutes west of "Wakamiya I.C"on the Hanshin Expressway Kobe Line
〇From Himeji and Kakogawa
About 10 minutes south of "Myodani I.C"on the Daini-Shinmei Road

By pupblic transportation

About two thirds mile southwest of "Tarumi Station" on the JR Sanyo train(about 10 minutes on foot)